How it Works

How Does Omnia Work

Patient Specific

Explore multiple data modalities, to identify targetable disease subtypes and reveal clinically relevant patient subgroups, based on molecular and clinical data.

AI Enabled

Leverage enabling tools and technologies, such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and machine learning, to fast track the discovery of novel therapeutics.

Biomarker Driven

Predict drug response using actionable biomarker profiles and multigene associations, to drive patient stratification and design patient specific treatment options.

What can you do with Omnia's Discovery Platform?

Pre-clinical drug discovery is costly and plagued with inefficiencies. Omnia’s BioPATH AI™ leverages the power of enabling technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve prediction accuracy on therapeutic outcomes, and offer our partners the opportunity to diversify drug pipelines using a cost-effective model.

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    Biomarker Identification
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    MOA Prediction
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    Disease Profiling
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    Clinical Trial Design
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    Ex-vivo Screening
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    In-vitro Screening
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    Hit Molecule Discovery
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    Lead Molecule Design

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